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Jual HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner

HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner (G6H51A) Functions: Copy, scan Enjoy high-definition image reproduction with excellent accuracy in colour and black-and-white. HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner adalah solusi terintegrasi scanning (all-in-one PC dengan panel layar touchscreen, copy / scan, dan software image-enhancement, CCD scanner, dan disesuaikan berdiri) disesuaikan untuk HP Designjet printer format besar dan sepenuhnya

Plotter HP Designjet T series

Jual Sparepart HP Designjet T Series  – T1100, T1120, T610, T620, T770, T790, T795, T1300, T1500 P/N Nama Barang Q6718-67017 Starwhile CN727-67018 Main PCA DSJ T2300 Ck839-67005 Encoder strip Q6659-67015 Trailing 44″ Q6683-60187 Service Station T1100/610 Q6683-60188 Left Iss T 1100 Q5669-60673 Carriage Belt 24 for HP Dsj T/Z series Q6659-60175 Belt T/Z 44″ CH538-67018

Plotter HP Designjet 1000 series

Jual Sparepart untuk HP Designjet 1000 series plotter P/N  Nama Barang C6072-60197 Encoder 1000 C6074-60419 Scan Axis Motor 1000 C6074-60415 Ink tube Assy C6072-60198 Belt 1000 Series   Hunting   (021) 8309744 Mobile  0812 80 888 343 e-Mail  info@plotter.co.id   Part diatas Cocok untuk type DesignJet 1050C, DesignJet 1050C Plus, DesignJet 1055CM, DesignJet 1055CM Plus. Inktube Assy (C6074-60415) Scan Axis

jual HP Designjet T795

Jual HP Designjet T795 44-in

HP Designjet T795 44-in (1118-mm) ePrinter (CR649C) ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION Printing Applications : Architectural and construction documents, Renderings, Presentation panels, posters, Project schedules, Maps Download BROSUR HP Designjet T795 Spesifikasi HP Designjet T795 44-in Plotter Model size 1118 mm Functions Print Speed specifications Print time line drawing (economode, A1 plain paper) 28 sec/page Print

jual HP Designjet T1500

Jual HP Designjet T1500 36-in

  Plotter HP Designjet T1500 memiliki 2 type pilihan : 1. HP Designjet T1500 36-in (914-mm) ePrinter (CR356A) 2. HP Designjet T1500 36-in (914-mm) PostScript ePrinter (CR357A) Dowload BROSUR HP Designjet T1500 Untuk Suply Tinta/cartridges plotter ini dibekali dengan 6 buah tinta (cyan, gray, magenta, matte black, photo black, yellow), adapun untuk Akurasi line nya